jCyte Top Stem Cell Story for 2015

The Stem Cellar, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s (CIRM’s) official blog, recently posted its top 10 stories from 2015. Not surprisingly, a story about jCyte ranked first. The story, CIRM-Funded UC-Irvine Team Set to Launch Stem Cell Trial for Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2015, describes the impact the study will have on patients and the painstaking preparation that’s required to get the trial going. In addition, Dr. Klassen describes how the therapy works:

“So we’re talking about little clusters of cells that could fit on the head of a pin in the jelly of the eye and they’re just floating there. And what are they going to do? Well they just sit there and secrete all the factors they normally secrete during retinal development and diffuse into the retina. Once in the retina we believe [based on animal studies] those factors are going to reprogram the photoreceptors into becoming functional again instead of going down that road where they’re going to commit suicide.”

Other top stories described how immunotherapy can fight cancer, a new treatment for sickle cell disease and using stem cells to repair cartilage.

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