Stem Cells used to Regrow Corneal Tissue

In two separate studies, researchers have used human cells reprogrammed to become stem cells to generate transplantable cornea tissue. The first study used the stem cell-generated tissue to repair corneas in rabbits. The other study encouraged stem cells to generate new corneas in babies born with cataracts. Both studies were published in the journal Nature.

“While both studies are technically proficient and provide new approaches to treating cataracts or corneal injuries, neither will soon be ready for widespread use in the clinic,” says Henry Klassen, an ophthalmologist at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. The United States would require more extensive testing before human studies are approved (both studies report results from small numbers of animals). Klassen also doubts that lens regeneration would be useful for adults with cataracts, “but it is promising in infants,” he says.

Read the original story, New techniques regrow lens, cornea tissue, in Science News.

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