Stem Cell Treatment Improves Woman’s Sight

Vanna Belton was essentially blind for more than five years before an unconventional stem cell study helped her regain limited vision. But even the study’s head, Dr. Jeffrey N. Weiss, cannot explain exactly how Belton came to see again. While calling Weiss’ methods unconventional, Dr. Henry Klassen and other stem cell researchers acknowledge results are what matter.

“There’s not enough information to judge his research,” said Dr. Henry John Klassen, associate professor and director of the Stem Cell & Regeneration Program at the University of California, Irvine.


“Weiss’ inclusion of so many diseases and treatment methods could make conclusions tough. About a dozen other stem cell studies are now taking place in humans with eye diseases, all focused more narrowly.


“I don’t want to play down the results of this patient; it’s always great when a patient seems better. … If 60 percent of his patients have improved, that would be a strong claim, and that’s what he should be presenting.”

The article,  Woman’s blindness apparently reversed by stem cell treatment, was published in The Baltimore Sun.

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