Our Therapy

What is jCell?


The jCell platform, our stem cell therapy, is an allogeneic human retinal progenitor cell suspension. These multipotent cells have been tested in animals to ensure their therapeutic potency. Each batch is free of microbial contamination and chromosomal defects and has been evaluated for stability over time before being administered to patients.

The implanted jCell retinal progenitor cells use two mechanisms to treat retinitis pigmentosa. First, these cells release growth factors that diffuse to the retina, rescuing photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) from the degenerative process. Because these cells survive in the eye, they continue to infuse therapeutic factors for an extended period. Also, because implantation requires only a simple injection, new progenitor cells can easily be re-implanted.

The second mechanism is regenerative, as these cells can also differentiate into rods and cones. This regenerative capacity has the potential to actually reverse disease.

In addition, the eye is “immune-privileged” and retinal progenitor cells generally do not generate an immune response. As a result, the patient’s immune system does not need to be suppressed, vastly simplifying the treatment process.

To ensure their quality and regulatory compliance, jCell retinal progenitor cells are manufactured under the Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) guidelines.